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"The difference between a good and a bad day is what you focus on"

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Not Another Coaching Company is not just another coaching and training company. "The world does not need another coach", for the longest time, this was my response to people around me who were encouraging me to start my own practice. I decided that if I do, it is not going to be just another coaching company. It is a life-changing coaching company.

My name is Khawla Shehadeh, I am in my 40s and what I have to offer to you as a coach and trainer is special for several reasons. Firstly, due to the unconventional path that my own life has led me on: An intensive meditation training at a young age, a year of silent solitary retreat, my (Palestinian/Dutch) background, my philosophical and spiritual pursuits combined with my grounded, pragmatic, light and humoristic character.

I offer workshops and trainings in Mindfulness, but not just any mindfulness. It is the highest quality of the classic Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program from Jon Kabat-Zinn. The most scientifically researched and acknowledged meditation form in the world. In my workshops MBSR is combined with a deep-rooted personal knowledge and experience in the thousands of years old tradition of Buddhist meditation. The origins of where all mindfulness meditation began.

My second specialty is in Compassionate Communication (Non-Violent Communication) from Marshall Rosenberg. A model so simple, so pure and yet so revolutionary. It is utterly transformative and liberating. It brings us back to the basics of communication which is connection. We all long for connection and yet we lose this when we think, speak and listen in terms of guilt, shame, judgement, accusation, oppression, submission. We lose the connection to ourselves and thereby to others. Compassionate Communication restores your birthright to true freedom and helps you connect to the underlying feelings and needs to everything you do, say or hear and that of others. It is essential in recovering the key to your own happiness and wellbeing and in building and restoring relationships to others. 

From these two perspectives and methods I also offer personal coaching so to work on your own mission or a current challenge that you are facing such as restoring connection with yourself, breaking unhealthy patterns regarding stress and overload, important life-decisions. 

Calendar 2023

  • Mindfulness 8-weekse Training (NL)
    06 Apr, 19:15 – 21:45
    Den Haag, Rooseboomstraat, Den Haag, Nederland
    Wij kunnen stress niet vermijden. Hoeft ook niet. Stress is nodig om onze ambities te verwezenlijken, het maakt ons scherp en kan ons overzetten tot daadkracht. Te veel stress met te weinig herstel is wel een probleem. Met mindfulness leer je om beter te ontspannen bij spanning.
  • Goede Vrijdag
    Fri, 07 Apr
    Den Haag
    07 Apr, 09:30 – 12:30
    Den Haag, Rooseboomstraat, Den Haag, Nederland
    Je moet van alles van jezelf, maar begin je paasweekend met compassie en zachtheid naar jezelf. Je kunt interactieve oefeningen en meditaties verwachten gericht op zelfcompassie en zelfverbinding.
  • Stiltedag
    Sun, 23 Apr
    Den Haag
    23 Apr, 09:30 – 24 Apr, 15:30
    Den Haag, Rooseboomstraat, Den Haag, Nederland
    Een stiltedag vol begeleide mindfulness meditaties. Deze dag kan enorm ondersteunend zijn als je met een dilemma zit of als je richting zoekt over de volgende stappen in je leven. Het kan echter ook een dag zijn om simpelweg tot rust te komen en je meditatie verdieping te bieden.

Astrid van Nuus

Very valuable! I attended several trainings with Gaula and I am so happy for what I have learned. The Mindfulness 8-week program in April 2022 was particularly an eye-opener. It really changed the way I live my life and the way I slow down. Now I see more clearly what my next steps should be. Thank you for this wonderful proces. 

Nelda van Iersel
Den Haag

In March 2022 I joined a small group session in "Letting Go". It was such an extraordinary experience. As a legal counselor I tend to be in my head a lot, but during this day I could let go of all of it. The other mothers that were present turned out to be struggling with the same challenges with their adolescent children. There was a lot of mutual resonance and recognition. Understanding the difference between 'feelings' and 'needs' and work with it! Gaula facilitates it with great loving kindness and supports the group with insight. I went home feeling kilos lighter. I would highly recommend it to all who wish to 'let go': offer yourself this gift <3

Eveline van Os - ten Wolde
Berkel en Rodenrijs

I attended the 8-week Mindfulness training with Gaula in February 2022. Mindfulness has made me more aware in many ways. It is very applicable in my daily life. The lessons were guided in a pleasant way allowing me to discover how to deal with my body, feelings and thoughts. I have thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation, silence and practice. 


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