"The difference between a good and a bad day is what you focus on"


Not Another Coaching Company is not just another coaching and training company. "The world does not need another coach", for the longest time, this was my response to people around me who were encouraging me to start this company. That is why, I chose for this seemingly appropriate name Not Another Coaching Company. 

My name is Khawla Shehadeh. What I have to offer to you as a coach and trainer is special for several reasons. Firstly, due to the unconventional path that my life has led me on: An intensive meditation training at a young age, a year of silent solitary retreat, my (Palestinian/Dutch) background, my philosophical and spiritual pursuits combined with my grounded, pragmatic, light and humoristic character. Besides this, what I offer is special and unique due to the link that I make between two separate models thereby achieving a very powerful and reinforcing effect maximising the benefit of each. The two models that I refer to here are Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Jon Kabat-Zinn) and Compassionate Communication (Non-Violent Communication) from Marshall Rosenberg. 

Outer (material) success in itself is not sufficient as a goal in life. Even if you are famous, rich and successful, you can stil experience unhappiness and a feeling of emptiness in your life. In general we can say that in our society, we often suffer of spiritual poverty, chronic dissatisfaction, lack of meaning and a shaky self-esteem that is not rooted in true self-knowledge. We do what others expect of us and to make others happy. Along the way, we seem to have lost the connection with ourselves. Who are you, what do you really feel inside and what do you need right now? These are simple questions that can sometimes be very hard to answer. 

If you recognise any of this, then I can help you to (re)gain insight in yourself. To get to know yourself from the inside by learning to explore (Mindfulness), recognise (Compassionate Communication), acknowledge (Mindfulness) and confess (Compassionate Communication) that which is alive in you. You can get a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and get a grip on how to change them. This way, you can gain and stabilise inner peace and happiness in your life. You can learn to improve how you communicate with yourself and therefore how to convey your authentic self to others. You can learn to cope in a different way with the difficulties in your life and avoid the unnecessary physical and/or mental suffering that comes for a lack of emotional hygiene. You can learn to listen to others and connect with them in such a way that a more profound and honest connection is realised while maintaining a clear distinction as to the boundaries of your responsibility. Curious? Don't wait any longer and contact me today. 

For you

I offer you Mindfulness trainings in different combinations and structures, workshops on meditation, Compassionate Communication and other themes to strengthen qualities of expression and communication, calmness, resilience and self-confidence. Also, I offer personal coaching to work on your own personal goals.