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What customers say

Sonia van Bost

A real delight it has been to follow the 8-weeks-MBSR-mindfulness-course (Feb-March 2024) with Khawla Shehadeh. The course itself was helpful, insightful, supportive, useful, relaxing and informative. The silent retreat day had a deepening, softening and relaxing effect, and was well-supported by the great lunch, which was prepared by Khawla herself. The location, in The Hague, radiates a warm and safe atmosphere. Khawla is clear and relaxed in her guidance, and she has a sweet and calm voice and presence. The main lesson I take from this course is to remind myself of an 'inner soft focus', which helps me to have a more relaxed inner attitude.


I attended the 8-week mindfulness training with Gaula (Jan-Feb 2024). It was a beautiful experience in which I experienced dealing with stress and stressful situations in a different way. I learned to be more in the moment, to accept the situation as it is and to look at myself and the process with mildness. Everything can just be there and you always have a new moment to start. 

Gaula is a warm personality who teaches the mindfulness evenings with passion. Her sociability and humour ensured that I enjoyed going there and doing the homework assignments. She is highly recommended if you want to get acquainted with mindfulness in a nice and accessible way and discover how it can support you. 

Alexander Melchers Vinkeles

After my wife left me and took the children to her homeland, I had a strong need to talk to someone. I came across Gaula through an ad on one of her Mindfulness courses (September 2022). By offering a unbiased listening ear and supporting this with techniques from meditation and Nonviolent Communication, she has helped me enormously not only to process my sadness, but also to quickly find peace in my life again. Her life wisdom and calmness, as well as her focus on emotions and the underlying causes for them, were a safe haven in what was, for me, an emotionally turbulent time. The experience was so positive that I certainly plan to continue working on myself with her through the Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness courses. Thank you, Gaula, for guiding me through this difficult time!

Suraya Baboeram Panday

I participated in the 8-week course (in Sept-Nov 2022) with the aim of getting more  control  over my  emotions the moment that I find myself in a stressful situation or experience negative feelings. I never thought that after only 8 weeks I would be so much calmer and more aware in these situations allowing myself to react more clearly. I am self-critical but no longer so tough on myself, I am kinder towards myself and I can sense better what is needed to give to myself or to others, without having to judge. Others also perceive me as milder and less judgmental. I sincerely feel like a new person with more patience and less tension in my body. Thank you for your guidance, dear Gaula. You were a shining light for me, and every Sunday I learnt more about myself, others and what really matters in life.


Zahirra Daniels Ashruf

Are you being lived, gloomy or stressed and want to get back to enjoying every second and being in control? Then you really need to take the 8-week Mindfulness training at Not Another Coaching Company. This training is going to give you a lot. It can't really be described very well in words. What it brought me, at least, it didn't. The most important thing is that you learn to stay relaxed even during difficult or stressful periods in your life. 'Impossible' you will probably think, but it really is possible. I have experienced it first-hand. I also experienced a lot of sociability and togetherness within the group led by the super experienced, professional and kind Khawla Shehadeh.

Eline Wolf

I was able to enjoy a very nice workshop from Gaula. She took the group very pleasantly in her calm and pleasant energy. In addition to the various mindfulness/meditation experiences, there was also room to share and laugh. Her style and personality make her a pleasant partner to work with. We hired Gaula during a company training (Feb 2022) in which energy balance and relaxation were central, this fit perfectly and Gaula's contribution was super valuable. A real present.

Astrid van Nuus

Very valuable! I attended several trainings and I am so happy for what I have learned. The Mindfulness 8-week program in April 2022 was an eye-opener. It really changed the way I live my life and the way I slow down. Now I see more clearly what my next steps should be. Thank you for this wonderful proces. 

         Corina Meijers

A few years ago, I did a Mindfulness course of several weeks and more recently (Sept 2022) I was able to experience a silence retreat day with Gaula on a Sunday. I really enjoyed both. I learned to handle stressful situations better, got good insights and exercises that are still very useful in daily life. The silence day was also a beautiful day: meditation, mindfull eating, breathing, yoga, it was a nice atmosphere and the lunch was delicious! Gaula is a warm lady with wisdom, humour, someone you quickly feel at ease with. I would recommend it to anyone.

Vrouw geeft workshop

Liana Greeve

I have become more aware of tensions in my body and how to cope with my (negative) thoughts and feelings. Khawla teaches with a lot of enthusiasm, calmness and humour. She gives each participant a lot of attention. She listens and she empathises well.

Femke Hartendorp

Such a nice, good and effective training I attended in Jan/Feb 2022: the mindfulness-based stress reduction program. For 8 weeks, Gaula has given me a lot of tools, training and insights. By practicing daily I have learned to better Connect with what I feel (emotion and body) and think at that moment. In the program you learn to better connect with what you feel and think so when in times of stress, you will find better ways to respond to it. It requires commitment to go through the 8 weeks, Gaula has supported me immensely in this. Gaula is a special (powerful & beautiful) person, she is able to lead the training with wisdom, peace and love. She inspires. I am very grateful for this experience.

Bas Bassieaansen

 I attended the introductory workshop to "Heart for Yourself" in June 2022 and I am very pleased with the pleasant, harmonious and skilled way in which the workshop was given. My fellow workshops were great fun and kind which made it a memorable morning. The coach (Gaula) has an engaging personality, which made the workshop confidential, pleasant and respectful. An absolute must for anyone who wants to get to know themselves and the world around them better and who wants to make physical and emotional progress.

Matthias Veltkamp

It was a special day (in Sept 2022) with Gaula during the silence retreat in the middle of the city. We experienced different forms of practice, meditation, breathing, mindful walking, yoga, mindful eating. It was a nice, well-organised and clean space, the food was fantastic and the atmosphere was excellent. Gaula's open and inviting attitude made it easy to surrender to the processes. Sometimes I was a bit shaky and confused in the in-between spaces/pauses, but the safety and openness did not put pressure on this. You sense from everything that Gaula is an incredible power woman with a strong vision and ambition, well prepared too, but her wisdom and compassion are very personal and guiding, humble and sensitive. I highly recommend her guidance and workshops.

Nelda van Iersel

In March 2022 I joined a small group session in "Letting Go". It was such an extraordinary experience. As a legal counselor I tend to be in my head a lot, but during this day I could let go of all of it. The other mothers that were present turned out to be struggling with the same challenges with their adolescent children. There was a lot of mutual resonance and recognition. Understanding the difference between 'feelings' and 'needs' and work with it! Gaula facilitates it with great loving kindness and supports the group with insight. I went home feeling kilos lighter. I would highly recommend it to all who wish to 'let go': offer yourself this gift.


Janneke Jurgens

Though the 8-week mindfulness training in 2019, I have learned so much about the importance of including quiet moments for myself throughout the day. Khawla is a warm and concerned person with a lot of life experience. She uses humour, she is always well-prepared and she is a good listener. She is good at keeping the training light and playful which I found very pleasant.

Andreas Schneitter

I had the pleasure to join one of Khawla's mindfulness retreats in Bethlehem, Palestine in 2020. After some time of no intensive practice of mindfulness, I was delighted how comfortable it felt for me and for the whole group with her guidance. It made it very easy and smooth to blend in. Her experience, her knowledge and patience made it feel like being in a good place from the get. Highly recommend.

Hannes van Loggerenberg

I can warmly recommend attending a workshop with Khawla. She creates a safe and peaceful space to explore mindfulness and Non-Violent communication in a group. She give the workshop in a clear and practical way so that you can relate to it from within your own experience. The members of the workshops I attended were diverse in background, experience and personality. Yet, Khawla expertly lead us all together through the exercises and discussions.


Anja Berkhout

In the summer months of 2022, I attended a beautiful training in mindfulness combined with non-violent communication with Gaula from Not Another Coaching Company. I was then in a difficult phase of my life and was looking for a course that matched my needs at the time. Through her very nice and appealing website, I came across this 6-week training (Hart voor Jezelf). In that short time, I got a much better understanding of what rest and recognising needs and feelings can mean and what a positive contribution it can make to my well-being and that of others. I can therefore definitely recommend the course.

Eline Wolf

I was able to enjoy a very nice workshop from Gaula. She took the group very pleasantly in her calm and pleasant energy. In addition to the various mindfulness/meditation experiences, there was also room to share and laugh. Her style and personality make her a pleasant partner to work with. We hired Gaula during a company training (Feb 2022) in which energy balance and relaxation were central, this fit perfectly and Gaula's contribution was super valuable. A real gift.

Celine Stuyt

I did the 8-week Mindfulness program with Gaula, I have to honestly say that I would recommend it! The calmness of Gaula combineer with her humour, made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Many different types of excercises that brought me beautiful insights. The applicability in daily life made it really useful for me. 

Marcus Jansen

A Sunday morning relaxation session came along and appealed to me. In the two and a half hours a lot happens, Gaula knows how to set the pace well. What struck me was the combination of the whole thing and how it builds up to a point where all kinds of senses become active and you find a deeper rest in yourself. During the meditation I entered a state which I have missed for a long time indicating how spot-on the session had been up to that point. The icing on the cake, and this is worth mentioning, is the mind-over-body exercise where we have a moment in a duo conversation. Now that I am writing this two days later, I am still thinking about it. What I brought up was apparently brought to me with the right words and the right direction (visualisation) and thus positively changed. A change that I still feel in all my presence today. 

The session came at the moment it was supposed to and brought what was needed. Gaula is a pleasant person who uses her surroundings in the right way and has made the whole experience very valuable. Gaula is "Not Another Coaching Company", the name is well chosen and very valuable to get in touch with. As I am always looking for the pearls in life, I dare to speak of a pearl in the world of coaching! I thank Gaula for the journey during this morning session.


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