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As an Anthropologist, I have studied culture in its many forms, and corporate culture is something that fascinates me. Corporate culture is everything that is intangible in a company. You can't pinpoint it directly but it is there and it is persistent. It ultimately determines the overall success of the company. The board and management can come up with all kinds of things like a mission, values and strategy, but ultimately these are overtaken by the actual behaviour of people. Culture is the way people listen to each other, give each other appreciation, it is the space an individual gets to be himself, it is the way people react to failures but also to successes, it is the distance between management and work floor, it is the budget that is set aside for team events and other staff activities, it is the work-life balance that is/is not there, it is the degree to which (chronic) stress is normalised and the safety that employees experience in expressing themselves with honesty.


In short, culture is a set of values, decisions, attitudes and behaviour at all levels within the company. It is not easy to change culture. But if you want to do it, I recommend you start by cultivating more mindfulness (awareness, calmness, acceptance), by bringing more connection in communication and by coaching leaders and employees that need more support.

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