If you have followed a workshop or a Mindfulness training with me, then there is the option to follow it up with an individual coaching program on a specific theme that you struggle with. 

Coaching in many sessions spread over several months works for many people but I found it to dilute the effect that coaching can have in making a transformation. If you are anything like me, you have a busy life and you want to get most out of your time. To maintain this momentum, I suggest coaching in a maximum of 3 sessions spread over a maximum of 3 weeks. Then we can see from there. 

Depending on your question, the program is customised to your needs and can include talks, assignments, (mindfulness) meditation, walking, reflection, writing, and creative expression. Other (specialised) coaches can also be invited to guide parts of the program if this would have an added value. 

During this time, you get more insight in your current situation, habits, and patterns. You become more aware of how your mind works and what you really need to become more satisfied and happy in life. You can see more clearly what path you are on right now, how you got there and you will get tools to help you find the wisdom and courage to re-imagine your reality.

Consider it a gift to yourself. Contact me quickly for a free intake and let's start your journey. Everything else can wait.