Mindfulness meditation is the most scientifically researched form of meditation of the past decades. Mindfulness changes brain patterns and structure thereby increasing long-term physical and emotional wellbeing. This is the main reason that mindfulness has become so widespread and has entered the mainstream healthcare, psychotherapy and stress-reduction arena. 


Mindfulness is an intentional form of attention on a focus object with a mild, open and non-judgemental attitude. It is an awareness of the present experience with acceptance. Some say it like seeing with fresh new eyes, observing from moment to moment without expectation or judgement. This makes life more fluid and less solidified in our conceptual ideas of our experience. It deals with the experience as it is really being experienced without all the clutter of the fear and hope and mental rumination about the experience that takes us away from the actual experience. In simple words, mindfulness is an antidote to making life harder than it needs to be and mindfulness makes life’s beautiful or even trivial moments lived more intensely.

As a certified mindfulness coach (MBSR), I offer a wide range of workshops, courses and retreats in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or in mindfulness combined with other themes that you can find below. These trainings can be in short sessions (approx. 2,5 hours) spread over several weeks or can be in full day trainings of one or more days. Prices vary depending on duration, location, number of participants, context, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. 

  • Mindful communication: Combines Non-Violent Communication with Mindfulness to strengthen connection with what you really feel and want and to learn to listen to others in the same way.

  • Mindfulness and decision-making: Learning to take solid decisions from a place of calmness and awareness.

  • Mindfulness and self-compassion: Learning to receive and comfort yourself like you would a loved one. 

  • Mindfulness in times of change: Change is not always pleasant or easy, but it is inevitable. The better we learn to bend with the wind of change, the less likely we will break. 

  • Mindfulness and dealing with difficult emotions: The negative emotions that we have like sadness, anger, disappointment about a difficult situation are one thing, but the negative emotions that we have about these negative emotions are very problematic and are the main cause for depressions, indifference, emotional numbness and anxiety.

  • Mindfulness and wisdom arising: by practicing mindfulness and meditation, you can learn to tap into the treasure of wisdom that lies within. So much data is collected through our body and mind that we are not aware of. Through meditation we get insights that are not as easily accessible through rational deduction.