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Spirituality vs self-development

Spirituality is often associated with new-age, hippy-dippiness, fragrant incense, colourful stones, (male) Gurus and exotic retreats. The more Buddha images you collect, the more spiritual you are. It's time to contest that. People are often surprised that I am so down-to-earth for someone who is presumably so "spiritual." True, I am quite direct, very pragmatic and down-to-earth. Spirtuality and down-to-earthness can go very well together. Here is how.

For me, spirituality is the path of self-knowledge, self-reflection and self-connection. Self-development is spirituality. It is a path that leads to deepening into the core of your being. There you will find only universal truths. Truths that we share as humanity, that are immutable. Truths that transcend gender, ethnicity, age and creed. Truth about what love means, what ego is, how everything is connected. These universal truths are the source of wisdom. From this wisdom naturally flows compassion for all that lives. Therefore, the path of spiritual development always begins with yourself. It makes sense, where else could it begin?

On the spiritual path there is, in fact, little room for airy-fairiness. You must have the courage to regularly bite into a mirror sandwich. Dare to ask yourself questions that shake your reality by the foundations. Dare to expose your behavior and challenge your beliefs. It is scary, sometimes terrifying. And at the same time it is liberating. More and more relief by getting rid of burdens, of limiting beliefs, of concepts about yourself with all their limitations. Being able to be yourself more and more, au naturel. Being happy without reason. No need for frills. You don't have to prove anything, you can just be there. There is only love, for yourself, for others. At least that's what I've heard about it, because I'm not that far myself, just ask my friend, he'll happily confirm 😉

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