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Easter represents resurrection. Whether you believe in the life story of Jesus or not, resurrection is something we have all undergone at one time or another.

Despite my Buddhist and Muslim background, I was also born and raised in Nazareth. THE hometown of Jesus Christrus. That he ever existed is not a belief for me, it is a fact. I went to St. Joseph's school in Nazareth. From my classroom I looked out on the site of the Mother Mary's house. I have no doubt that this is historically accurate. Just as I can visit the site of Rembrandt's birth in Leiden or the house where Spinoza lived in The Hague.

For me, Jesus is a hero. Someone who went against all existing norms and rules and followed the path of his own heart. He proclaimed love and forgiveness. Despite all his goodness, he was betrayed, he suffered excruciatingly on the cros