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Thu, 16 Jan


Den Haag

Mindfulness 8-weeks in ENGLISH

We cannot avoid stress, nor do we need to. Stress is necessary to achieve our ambitions, it makes us sharp and can help us to get into action. Too much stress with too little recovery, however, can become a problem. With mindfulness, you learn to be more aware and comfortable when stressed.

Mindfulness 8-weeks in ENGLISH
Mindfulness 8-weeks in ENGLISH

Time & Location

16 Jan 2025, 19:15 – 21:45

Den Haag, Rooseboomstraat, Den Haag, Netherlands

About the event

When everything around us seems to be competing for our attention, our attention tends to be fragmented and overstretched. This ranges from your partner and children, work, traffic, household, social media, social contacts, hobbies, screaming advertisements, music, news, etc. Also, attention is shifting from one thing to another at an ever-increasing rate. Everything is constantly in fifth gear. As a result, attention becomes exhausted. You rarely get around to turning attention inward and processing what is going on inside you at this moment and how outer stimuli are influencing you.

Burnout and depression is all around us. It is no longer an individual problem, but rather a collective phenomenon of modern society. Having so many choices is historically unprecedented. That puts pressure on us and makes it so difficult, after all, we it want all! we don't want to choose; FOMO (fear of missing out). There is fear of failure, extreme drive, a great sense of responsibility, perfectionism and wanting to be in control. Sometimes there are unprocessed emotions and feelings that play a role in the background. All of this together creates an increased risk of stress and burnout symptoms.

As never before, it is now important that you can be gentle with yourself and that you take good care of yourself. That you learn to relax and deal with stress, tension and discomforts in your life. That you experience the distinction between true relaxation and scrolling on your cell phone. Practice landing in your own body and cultivating lasting inner peace. Being able to be in the moment and enjoy all the beauty in life, no matter how small. Mindfulness is the key to this.

Do you currently recognise any of the following for yourself?

  • You are experiencing stress and you feel like you keep not getting everything done that still needs to be done.
  • You are in your head a lot and often think about what has happened or what is going to happen; you are rarely in the now.
  • You are easily distracted by your phone and your surroundings, making it harder to focus and remember.
  • You mull a lot and you don't really know how you should turn your head off. You want to experience peace.
  • You have doubts about everything and are less able to make choices. You are exhausted.
  • You sleep badly and rarely wake up rested. This makes you irritable towards your environment.
  • You have physical complaints such as fatigue, palpitations, hyperventilation, eczema, abdominal pain, headaches, back pain or frozen shoulder.

Benefits of Mindfulness

This is not just any mindfulness training, it is the official Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program as designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Worldwide, it is the most scientifically researched form of meditation ever. The results are astounding. Mindfulness has been proven to produce significant improvement in well-being and wellness with long-lasting effects such as:

  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Awareness of body: preventing escalation of tension
  • Greater gentleness and self-compassion
  • More intense enjoyment of small things
  • Greater acceptance of disappointment and setbacks: less of a struggle and tension
  • Recognising and changing automatic thinking and reaction patterns
  • Being able to make more conscious choices that support health and well-being.

The program

The program consists of 8 sessions of 2.5-hour on Thursday evenings (see dates below) plus one 6-hour day of practice on a Sunday:

  1. Thursday 16 January at 19.15 - 21.45
  2. Thursday 23 January at 19.15 - 21.45
  3. Thursday 30 January at 19.15 - 21.45
  4. Thursday 6 Feb at 19.15 - 21.45
  5. Thursday 13 Feb at 19.15 - 21.45
  6. Thursday 20 Feb at 19.15 - 21.45
  7. Thursday 6 March at 19.15 - 21.45
  8. Sunday 9 March at 10.00 - 16.00 (silent retreat)
  9. Thursday 13 March at 19.15 - 21.45

Each session consists of:

  1. Education
  2. Guided meditations (sitting meditation, body scan, walking meditation, etc.)
  3. Practical mindfulness assignments
  4. Sharing of experiences from the mindfulness exercises.


  • For individuals: 499 euros; Book before 1 November 2024 and get the Early Bird discount. With this discount you pay €450 instead of €499. Can you get reimbursement from your health insurance company? See below for more info.
  • Business tarif: 600 euro
  • For students: (with a Dutch/EU student card): 350 euros
  • For Refreshers: If you have previously done the training at Not Another Coaching Company, then you can refresh and deepen your understanding and practice with the special price of €350

Should the price be an obstacle to your participation, please contact me and surely something can be arranged. It would be a shame if you could not participate just because of the price. Arrangements can also be made for possible payment in instalments.

This price includes:

  • An individual intake interview and guidance by Gaula
  • Unforgettable 8 sessions of 2.5 hours each
  • A joint intensive practice day of 6 hours
  • A delicious vegetarian lunch on the practice day
  • A workbook full of inspiration, tips and guidance.
  • A series of audio files of guided meditations
  • Unlimited coffee/tea during the sessions

Health insurance companies

  • Mindfulness is so effective that there are even health insurance companies that (partially) reimburse for this training. Especially this Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction training if given by a VMBN-registered trainer as is the case with this training. Check for the possibilities with your health insurance and ask if there are any additional requirement such as a referral letter from GP.
  • Employers
  • Check with your employer if they are willing to reimburse part or all of the cost of the training. Stress at work is occupational disease number 1. One in seven employees suffers from burnout. Health promotion is a priority in organisations because sick leave is a huge cost for companies. Mindfulness contributes to resilience and thus better health.

Group size:

The minimum group size is 3 and the maximum is 8 people for this training. Small group so register quickly and don't miss you chance. I only give this training twice a year.



How it works:

When we talk about stress, the first thing that comes to mind is work stress. Yet, stress is much more than the pressure we experience at work. It is the psychological, emotional and physical reaction to any given unpleasant situation. It can be a conversation you've had, an expectation you want to meet, the loss of a loved one, living with uncertainty, adapting to change, etc.

Whatever the cause, there is always an inner reaction to stress. This can be observed in the body on multiple levels. It can be a stiffness in the jaws, a knot in the stomach, a frozen shoulder, back pain, eczema. Sooner or later, if stress escalates, then your immune system will be disrupted by stress. You experience anxiety, restlessness, poor sleep, irritation, sadness. In time you develop (unhealthy) patterns to deal with this stress. Habits such as emotional eating, overworking, smoking, blaming others, etc.

Whatever stress mechanism it is, stress is not approached directly. You are not aware of how your body reacts to stress and how stress is moving in your body. By ignoring or suppressing stress, it culminates and can lead to more serious symptoms such as burnout, depression, not being able to feel anything, and physical illness. By bringing attention and awareness to the experience of stress on all levels, you can bring peace to the inner struggle. You learn to turn toward stress instead of wanting to turn away from it. You bring more acceptance to all that is there. You can be with all that is, moment to moment, without judgment. This is the essence of Mindfulness.


This MBSR training will be guided by Gaula Shehadeh. Gaula has the highest degree of certification in mindfulness (category 1) and is a VMBN-registered trainer. She has many years of intensive meditation and retreat experience from her Buddhist background. She is often described as down-to-earth, wise, gentle and with a touch of humor.


"I have just finished Khawla's 8 week mindfulness course in English and found it such a nourishing experience each Sunday morning. It gave me the grounding I was needing. Khawla beautifully held the space for all the different experiences we were bringing into the space. I was able to build on what I already knew, and received a lot of food for thought that has been making a different in my day-to-day. The full day retreat in the middle was something particularly special. I have recommended to friends and would readily do it all over again. Thank you so much Khawla, I am grateful."

- Melissa O'Donnell -

"I took the 8-week mindfulness training with Gaula. Because I wanted to know more about what mindfulness could bring into my life and how to apply it. I was also curious how I can use it in my coaching practice when I coach people using horses. This training has made me so much more aware. It is applicable in my daily life which makes it so valuable. The lessons and Gaula's guidance were very pleasant and supportive. I got the chance to discover how to deal with unpleasantness in the body, mind and feelings. The audio exercises and the workbook are a nice addition and a good reference to have, so to understand more about what we learned in the lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and relaxation I felt during the sessions and now I know how to maintain in my daily life."

- Evelien van Os-ten Wold -

"Such a wonderful and effective training I attended in Jan/Feb 2022: the mindfulness-based stress reduction program. During the 8 weeks, through the weekly meetings and home assignments, Gaula gave me many tools, training and insights about the power of meditation. Through daily practice I learned to connect with what I feel (emotion and body) and think at any moment. In the program you learn to do the same in moments of stress, so you can break the habitual patterns and create alternative responses. It takes commitment from yourself to go through the 8 weeks, Gaula supported me enormously in this. Gaula is a special (powerful & beautiful) person, she is able to lead a group through the program from wisdom, peace and love. She inspires. I am very grateful for this experience."

- Femke Hartendorp -


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gaula at: or by phone 0624234694.


  • MBSR EN Jan 2025 - Early Bird

    Sale ends: 01 Nov, 00:10
  • MBSR EN Jan 2025 - Regular

  • MBSR EN Jan 2025 - Business

  • MBSR EN - Student

  • MBSR EN - Repeater




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