There are regular workshops being organised by myself or in cooperation with other trainers. The themes change and develop according to the needs of clients and inspiration.

I also give workshops at conferences, in-company or during team-building events or getaways on customised topics that range from boosting confidence, improving communication, to dealing with stress and decision making.

Below is a list of a few workshops that I give regularly so to give you an idea. Please feel free to contact me to talk more about the options. 

From the Silence Within


Finding answers from the silence within

When facing important dilemmas or questions in our lives, we tend to seek answers by endless rumination and thinking patterns that go in circles. These thoughts keep us awake at night and consume a lot of our scarce energy. A more effective strategy is to let it all rest. A complete counterintuitive move that is much more effective in finding the right path to take. Through silence, meditation, acceptance and trust, we can tap into a deep reserve of wisdom always present within us to seek guidance. 



The capacity of the body and mind to work together to stand strong and overcome

For the longest time the Placebo Effect was a thorn in the eyes of the pharmaceutical industry as it showed on tests that a mere sugar pill was 30% of the time as effective as the expensive chemical medicine they were making. Body and mind are interconnected and influence each other. This mechanism can be used to tap into more confidence, self-healing power, and inner peace.



The basics of meditation, how to set up a daily practice and the common pitfalls

This is a workshop to help you start with meditation. The benefits of meditation have been scientifically documented as never before: less stress, depression and anxiety, better focus and brain function, less illness and healthier choices, more kindness, patience and compassion in everyday life. Here you will learn the basics of meditation and how to set up a daily practice: sitting posture, place of meditation, duration, and the common pitfalls such as sleepiness, agitation, etc. and what you can do about them.



Reconnecting with your primal inner power that is based on making peace with your shadow, formulating a clear mission and choosing a weapon of wisdom. This is a workshop on trusting your own strength   

Along the way, we lost touch with our sense of dignity and inner strength. Yet, they have never abandoned us. The warrior within is not based on limited view of a fighter going to battle armed with muscles and mercilessness, but on the peace you make with yourself about your mistakes and qualities you are not so proud of. From there you can call on your inner warrior, set up our mission and choose a weapon of wisdom that will protect you and help you cope with whatever you difficulty you meet with. 

Non-Violent Communication.jpg


Introduction to communicating with oneself and other based on feelings and needs

Connective communication (Non-Violent Communication) is a method that was introduced by Marshall Rosenberg to create a connection from heart to hear by expressing and listening through the profound universality human feelings and needs. It helps to understand one's own behaviour, emotional reactions and choices in life. Also, it allows for better understanding of others around you and improves the way you communicate. 




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