• Khawla Shehadeh

Time is the currency of life

Time is the currency of life and it is your most valuable possession. You can only spend it once. Think twice when you give time to work and people that don’t deserve it. Make sure that you spend time in a way that at least makes you happy. Even if you achieve little else in your life, at least you truly lived your life every moment.

I say eliminate clutter in your life. Clutter in your house (stuff you don’t need/like), office (distractions), clutter in your social life (do you really recharge from this connection?), clutter in activities at work (that have no priority or give little recognition), clutter in time spent with people who are looking on their phone all the time, clutter in household shores that add little overall joy, clutter in your mind (thoughts that contribute nothing to your happiness and positivity), clutter in your speech (talking about things you don’t really care about), etc.

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